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The Calm before the Sting

September 23, 2018  by phil  |  Autumn

Last weekend, I caught some of the most beautiful light I’ve ever seen up above Lough Teagh. I couldn’t believe my luck as I ran down the fern-covered hillside into this gold-soaked wildwood. I knew I only had about ten minutes before the sun dropped behind the cliffs, so I started shooting like a madman. This composition really stood out to me, and I crouched down to shoot a massive multi-shot panorama. About 2/3 through two rows of shots, I realised I was sitting on a wasp’s nest. About 20 of the little *&(%’s started flying at me and I leapt up and flailed around the serene forest like a squawking maniac. Multiple stings later (two on the ear!), and in a lot of pain, I managed to get away from them and shoot for another ten minutes. I told my pals about it on WhatsApp and we all had a good laugh. I sent a screengrab of this shot to a few of them, and  this little beauty arrived from genius pal @barryodonoghue about ten minutes after I told him the story : ) Uncannily accurate!



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