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The Treefrog

August 5, 2018  by phil  |  Summer
We spotted this little guy half way up the terrace door. He was an amazing climber. He reached the top, and stopped. There was nowhere to go, so he settled down and had a rest. I got the camera, stood on a chair and got some close-ups (Shot 1). Such a beautiful little dude. A half hour later, he was still there, and not moving. He was probably perfectly fine, but I resolved to save him nonetheless, all hero-like. I got a matchbox, coaxed him in, and let him down on the grass. The sun was setting, so I figured I’d get some nice shots as a reward for my selfless act of heroism : ) He hopped out of the matchbox (shot 2, 3, 4) and bounded away into the buttery light…except he didn’t. He stopped, turned and stared at me balefully (Shot 5). It was chilling. Then he jumped towards me. Jumped again. And again. My daughter was filming all of this on my wife’s phone, thankfully. This frog was coming for me. We were all chuckling at how much of a badass it was when it pounced from two feet away and landed on my camera (see video)! Was just hilarious. This little creature was out for blood. Or just wanted to hug the camera. We’ll never know : ) Eventually, after much coaxing, he got off the lens and headed off to terrorize another Irish tourist.
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