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The Fieldmouse

July 29, 2018  by phil  |  Summer

Look, I overuse the word magic. I hold my hands up. I’m a geek. But this was special this morning. I was crouched down, focused on a baby dragonfly at the edge of the wood, when I heard a rustle from the brambles. I stayed rock still as a fieldmouse peeked her head out, sniffed, and disappeared back in again. A few seconds later, she emerged, carrying her baby in her mouth. I was frozen to the spot, determined not to scare her – but couldn’t resist taking some shots. She bounded across the crumbly soil towards a patch of sunlight, seemingly oblivious to me (Shots 1, 2 and 3) .I must have moved because I spooked her and she dropped her baby and fled. I was gutted – the little creature was about three centimeters long, utterly defenseless (4). I remained still, not wanting to scare the baby further. Another rustle, and the mother reappeared. She edged out and faced me (5). She held my gaze for  good 10 seconds, sizing me up. Then she made her decision, strode past me and gently picked up her baby (6). She bounded off without looking back (7). Was a really beautiful thing to witness, never mind photograph!

Magic : )

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