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June 4, 2014  by phil  |  Spring

A few weeks back, a good friend (genius photographer Ezequiel Mastrasso) and I met at the crack of dawn and visited the primordial forest above Lough Teagh. He brought along ‘the sun’ as he calls it – an insanely powerful Profoto flash. We were unbelievably lucky – the clouds were lying so low that morning that they swirled through the ancient wood, and we got some amazing shots. I was on the camera, he was pointing ‘the sun’. I called this one Excalibur because it evoked that movie for me – a kind of heightened reality, almost like a film set.


You can see another panorama we shot at Eze’s (AMAZING) site - http://photos.ezequielm.com/ir-loughteagh_01/


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